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Women’s Play Days

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Peacock Gap Golf Course

Make new playing partners or invite your own!
We start on the range then we play the course each week.
Tuning your swing and routines to take out on the course, giving you confidence to play better!

We try to cover any common problems, troublesome shots encountered on the course or general swing improvements, designed to lower your scores and enjoy your golf even more!
Play with a PGA Professional

Get personalized drills for your own swing
Learn from a Pros Short Gam
Uneven lies, Course Management, Strategies
Learn to Read Greens Like a Pro

4 week series is $239
8 hrs of Instruction

Range To Course Series

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Peacock Gap Golf Course

This 4- week group class lets you have a PGA pro as your guide on the golf course
  • First we’ll warm up on the range with a swing assessment and your own personalized drills.
  • Then we will take it to the course, where Paul will give you short game secrets, course management strategies, club selection advice, and more.
  • We try to cover all the common situations on the course, bunkers, green reading etc
4 week series is $239 ~ 8 hrs of Instruction
If you miss a week we can make it up